MBM Contributor: Sanjeev Kumar


    • Website: http://www.delamoregroup.com
    • Background: A market-seasoned professional and the 2002 recipient of the "Southeast Asia Young Achiever's Award," Mr. Kumar oversees business activities in more than 38 countries in his role as the member of the board of directors’ of Delamore and Owl Group. Since 1956, the Delamore and Owl Group is a privately held group of companies with operations in over 30 countries. The group’s principal activities involves commodity trading, consultancy, ICT, Healthcare, renewable energy, construction, financial services, mining, transport & communication among others. Delamore and Owl Group draw on combined resources "to realize for their clients financial prosperity and profit in an increasingly sophisticated global financial market." Acting as chief spokesman, Mr. Kumar additionally takes charge of the management and is a member of the credit committee of the group; he also provides state-of-the-art technical analysis. He holds dual master's degrees: one in business administration and another in international commerce and finance. Utilizing his expertise and experience, Mr. Kumar has responsibilities which encompass assets, investments, training, research, merging markets, high-risk ventures, and business development. Prior to joining Delamore and Owl, Mr. Kumar worked for major institutions around the world. Proficient in English, Hindi, and Russian, he easily interacts in the global arena by utilizing his in-depth training in finance, investment, technical analysis, and options strategy. Associations & Honors: British Association of Entrepreneurs, Fellow (FBAE);Institute of Management Specialists; Fellow ( FIMS); Who's Who of Britain's Young Entrepreneurs; Who's Who Historical Society; Financial Advisor: European Economic Development Council (2003-2006), City of Almaty Administration, Kazakhstan (2003); Advisor: Ministry of Trade & Industry, Suriname (1998-1999); European Economic Association; Member; Management Center Europe (MMCE); Global Knowledge & Economics Council; European Knowledge & Economics Council; Education: Master's Degree in Business Administration, Master's Degree in Finance and Commerce; Certificate Courses in Technical Analysis, Fixed Income Markets, Options Strategy, Corporate & Communication Management; Diploma in Russian Language. Personal Information: A bachelor, Mr. Kumar enjoys music, travel, and meeting new people.
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