16 Jun, 2006 | by
Topics: Technology

These days, financial institutions absorb an overwhelming amount of regulatory scrutiny for just about everything they do. In particular, execution and process are key indicators to just about every regulators recommendation. If you’ve been in the industry, for any extended period of time, you’ll find the following questions quite familiar. What is going to be done to make us feel secure about this process and how do you plan on doing it? Oh yeah, and when will you have this done by? Will see you next year to make sure what you said was going to be completed, was in fact, completed. You can imagine the type of unyielding pressure that CIO’s all the way down to the engineers must face on a regular basis. Sadly, this is only one of the many driving forces behind institutions frenetic pace behind the endless queue of projects.

One new industry concern, which has caught my attention, is that of Content Monitoring & Filtering (CMF). The topic has gained some traction over the years and which I don’t envision stopping any time soon. My basis for that comment stems from the fact (Gartner Research) that there is clearly a technological need for CMF given growing customer demand. There are also a handful of vendors positioning to be the future leader in this $40 million market. continue reading »