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Everyone has problems, but the real underlying problem is that nobody knows how to deal with them in a positive way to convert them into value.  Today I’m going to show you how to turn any problem into a powerful solution. Once you know how to do that you can create a business that will go from zero to a billion dollar company in two or three years.

Most of the ideas that come across customer service phone lines – and almost all of the complaints that are registered with customer service representatives every day – could be turned into multi-million or billion dollar products or services. The strange sounding but absolutely true notion that problems are the answer is a concept that goes directly to the heart of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are, after all, people who figure out how to solve problems for a profit.
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11 Dec, 2008 | by

Photo by:  Nadeem Chughtai

Especially these days, every choice an entrepreneur, business leader, or homeowner makes can be the difference between success and failure.  Making the best possible choices is vital, whether it involves a stock portfolio or retirement plan, a household budget, or the future of a large corporation.

Fortunately, successful decision making is a skill that can be learned. Every day I teach it to people just like you at Make Your Business Boom, a unique hybrid that combines consulting and coaching with cutting edge concepts derived from psychological research.  The synergy of this innovative approach is proven by the practical and effective way it motivates business owners and others to transform them into better decision makers.

Decision making is a complex process that requires time and training if a person wants to be empowered to make the best possible decisions in virtually any situation. But making choices is typically done from force of habit, as the mind accepts the easiest, most convenient, or most obvious option.  Since poor decisions can cut off access to more desirable options and alternatives, it is important to train the mind to default to superior decisions and choices. continue reading »

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These unprecedented economic times present challenges that require innovative and powerful solutions, and for that reason I want you to pay close attention to two aspects of business leadership – confidence and mastery.  With them you can go out and create a billion dollar business while enjoying the kind of lifestyle and life experiences that you have always dreamed of, but without them we will all succumb to fear, insecurity, indecision, and lack of fulfillment.

Confidence and mastery combine to feed each other in a symbiotic way, and I witness the results all the time through my consulting and coaching business, Make Your Business Boom.  Numerous studies show that those who are confident experience an increase in technical mastery and expertise that they would not otherwise have, because a confident mindset drives skill levels higher and enhances performance.  Similarly, mastery of a skill automatically increases your confidence.  Combine both mastery and confidence and it is a recipe for success in any personal or business endeavor. continue reading »