Tips for Meeting Economic Challenges with Confidence and Mastery

4 Dec, 2008 | by

These unprecedented economic times present challenges that require innovative and powerful solutions, and for that reason I want you to pay close attention to two aspects of business leadership – confidence and mastery.  With them you can go out and create a billion dollar business while enjoying the kind of lifestyle and life experiences that you have always dreamed of, but without them we will all succumb to fear, insecurity, indecision, and lack of fulfillment.

Confidence and mastery combine to feed each other in a symbiotic way, and I witness the results all the time through my consulting and coaching business, Make Your Business Boom.  Numerous studies show that those who are confident experience an increase in technical mastery and expertise that they would not otherwise have, because a confident mindset drives skill levels higher and enhances performance.  Similarly, mastery of a skill automatically increases your confidence.  Combine both mastery and confidence and it is a recipe for success in any personal or business endeavor.

 To become more confident and masterful, I recommend that you first start by taking an inventory of yourself and making a list:

  • Write down what aspects of business have been mastered.  Add personal things such as hobbies, relationships, or areas of special knowledge, talent, or skill.
  • Perform the same exercise regarding mediocrity, making a list of all personal or business areas that you feel are mediocre or lackluster.
  • Taking this kind of inventory helps you gain an overview or gauge of confidence and to identify where your mastery prevails, where your fears reside, and where mediocrity exists in you today. 
  • Going forward, refer to the mastery and confidence (or mediocrity and lack of confidence) list as a metric or benchmark to see what works and what needs more support and attention.
  • Using progress as the fulcrum, leverage past fear and mediocrity to become a confident master of business and personal affairs. Then go out and build a multi-million or billion dollar company, achieve even higher goals in life, and fulfill your lifelong dreams and aspirations.

Confidence is about trusting yourself and putting that energy into action for a creative outcome. Mastery applies to learning and working toward the skills needed, creating helpful systems and making plans, and then controlling those tools and resources to accomplish what you set out to do while monitoring the results. Both come into play when setting and reaching goals, inspiring teamwork, communicating feelings and ideas, and executing leadership.

Whether you are trying to master a household budget, control fear to make wise investment decisions, gain confidence to land a dream job, or become a leader who inspires teams in a Fortune 100 firm, these simple steps and ideas can give you the winning edge. That comes from having masterful confidence, so start today and by tomorrow you will already see tangible and exciting results.

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