Our Big Picture:
Contributors first begin with a business puzzle or idea, then muse on the topic of interest.  From there, the topic is published and shared with regular visitors of the community, which is then disseminated to a larger audience for discussion.  The end goal is to produce new ideas through meaningful perspectives via our content contributors. 

Mybusinessmusings.com or (MBM) is a platform that was specifically developed for business leaders, academics, practitioners, consultants and subject matter experts alike.  More specifically, the community was created to provide seasoned professionals a meaningful medium through which they can share their unique musings on a wide array of business topics.  MBM’s hope is that these musings will spark intellectual dialogue among both its contributors and its visitors which may then lead to innovative ideas.  This open exchange of perspectives is exactly where we feel our visitors will likely derive the most value.  

In light of that fact, we encourage all contributors and visitors not only to read MBM articles but also to comment actively on them.  All of our contributors have been hand-picked and vetted to ensure that the highest possible quality of content is provided.  Each contributor invests a great deal of time on his or her respective articles, so we appreciate your support in recognizing those efforts.

We at MBM realize that blogger sites appear to be a dime a dozen these days.  It is due to that fact that we feel it is imperative to commit ourselves fully to bringing to the table the most talented contributors and the highest quality content.  Our visitors are looking to consume meaningful business perspective on a regular basis, and we intend to provide it. 

Finally, we acknowledge the fact that there are many Celebrity business personalities who have a tendency to draw the most readership in the blogosphere.  In many cases their popularity is understandable, though in others it is more difficult to comprehend.  The fact of the matter is that there are also many non-celebrity business professionals out there who remain out of the limelight yet still possess that very same level of business acumen and relevance.  Listen to their perspectives…Learn from their experiences…It can only benefit you and your career to interact with such people.  Take a look around as chances are you’ll run into some of them in this very forum.